Does Eclipse drive you crazy?

Are you tired of Eclipse hanging all the time?

How many times a day do you kill Eclipse?

Does Eclipse take forever to start up?

Do you wonder what is Eclipse building for so long?

How many hours a day do you waste waiting for Eclipse to respond?

It’s time to make Eclipse work for you!

Yes. Eclipse can work for you.

Like it does for millions of users.

Eclipse is that popular not just because it is free (like in beer).

It is popular because it does the job.

Coming Soon…

I am Kaloyan Raev. I’ve been using Eclipse for the last 13 years. I’ve been developing Eclipse plugins for the last 10 years. All the time I had a great experience with Eclipse.

I am working on a free (like in beer) guide that will teach you how to tune the Eclipse performance. So Eclipse starts working for you.

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